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Learn the main elements of public speaking in front of an audience.

1. Fear while Speaking

The fear of Public Speaking is called Glossophobia. You might have experienced that, whenever you had to give a speech. Keep this fear under control, using a simple and effective method - practice. Elevate and make the best version of yourself!

2. Eye Contact while Speaking

Do you know how to engage effectively with your audience? Great communicators and leaders need to have the right skills and assets to engage, persuade and inspire an audience. One of the simplest but powerful practices is eye contact. If you know how to use it forcefully, you will demonstrate confidence, relaxation and certainty.

3. Body Language while Speaking

Never underestimate the importance of your gestures and body language. It is easier to make your message being heard using visual aids. It is important to know how and when to use you body language correctly for a powerful delivery.

4. Filler Words while Speaking

Filler words and sounds are the first sign of your nervousness and fear of speaking! This will distract your audience and cross out your main point from their mind. But, you can easily avoid that by making a pause instead.

5. Mind Blank while Speaking

Everyone gets them: mind blanks! So, don't be scared of them. It is important to remember that your audience doesn't notice your mind blank until you show them. Nail the situation next time, forget the struggle.

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