360o Experience

Our 360o Experience helps you acquire the communication and leadership skills to lead with excellence through a natural and measurable progression.


The 360o Experience guides you through the challenges of speaking in front of an audience, from controlling fear to mastering communication — every step of the way.


Beat the fear of speaking in front of others.

Practice how to build confidence, organize your speech, reveal your message, and elevate your delivery successfully.


Learn to speak in public effectively.

Practice how to nuance your speech, use storytelling, master the delivery, and become an inspirational speaker.


Achieve a higher public speaking goal.

Practice deeply and repeatedly advanced communication and leadership towards excellence.


The 360o Experience helps you build public speaking and leadership skills, step by step, with the support from our experts and the audience.

Control Your Anxiety

Strengthen your mindset to build your confidence and communicate with ease.

Learn Multiple Techniques

Practice numerous communication techniques from the art and science of rhetorics.

Find Your Personal Style

Find your communication style that fits any context, audience, and message.

Bring Clarity to Your Message

Organize and deliver a structured speech that drives forward your powerful idea.

Learn the Art of Feedback

Learn how to receive and provide feedback that helps you learn, grow, and inspire.

Celebrate Success

Complete the 360o Experience, achieve the certification, and get ready to motivate others.

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We organize workshops and courses for people, teams, and organizations in Denmark. Participate regardless of your level of experience.

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